George Murray, Poet
IN THE ACT – poem by George Murray

IN THE ACT – poem by George Murray

I know I say this repeatedly, but this poem is very special to me.  OK, I admit it, many of George Murray’s poems are special to me…can you blame me?

Anyway, IN THE ACT is a great poem, but my favorite part of it is the first verse, since I first read it and the beautiful, powerful image of one self watching itself, lodged in my mind and psyche ever since.  The idea has been incorporated into many aspects of my personal and professional life, and I reference it often, to explain how one can step out side self and situation(s) to observe what is really happening, and what is really important.  I even wrote a haiku, which is lovingly stolen from it (see link at bottom of post)…

IN THE ACT is on page 13 of ACT ONE, George Murray’s self-published book of poems.  Enjoy it…

IN THE ACT – poem by George Murray


In the act of speaking
and hearing you speak,
one of my selves moved off
and stood to watch.

He saw us swimming,
toward and away from each other,
fish in a round bowl

He saw our fish mouths,
opening, closing on water,
a soundless sucking
of empty ovals,

emitting globes of air
that rise to the surface.
Fish in a round bowl

Copyright ©George Murray, 1976


*Link to my haiku, distilled (obviously) from the first verse of IN THE ACT: In the Act of hearing you speak… 

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