George Murray, Poet


George Murray, Poet | Smiling at HomeWell, you can’t really contact a dead poet, or his society, but you can email his heirs, his descendants, and kinfolk. And, you can posthumously Subscribe to this blog, and Follow/Like his likeness on the social media sites we have set up in his honor and memory:


Email: (it forwards to one or more of his children)

NOTE: Please understand, I/we are neither flippant, nor disrespectful, in the saucy and comedic tone we take in mentioning our Dad posthumously, or his work, herein. Rather, we are doing what all Murray kin (G.M. Poet’s spawn, anyway) do: engage in puns, dry, sarcastic and gallows humor continuously, even before, during and after the Grim Reaper’s visit. It’s what he would have wanted.  In fact, it’s what he did, along with us, while he was here, even near the end…

George Murray, Poet.

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