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George Murray - smiling at work

George Murray had his views of life, and a way with words. He had a life-long love affair with the English language, though he favored an earlier vintage of it than was in use at the time of his death in 2010. He did NOT favor the idea of a changing language, preferring a version he had fixed in his mind, frozen in time, from the past. He fiercely and continually defended the “proper” use of English words, according to the very large dictionary in his brain. But he also loved to play with words, bending them to his will, whenever he put pen to paper, or index fingers to the keys of his old typewriter.

George Murray / poet, word-lover / and father.

This site exists to give the world access to George Murray’s words, for your contemplation, appreciation, and inspiration. He was a student of literature and poetry, and an insightful wordsmith. He melded modern ideas and classic elements of language, with his love of puns and wordplay, to write in a distinct style that was his own.

Most of what’s here are George Murray’s typed and published poems, interspersed with the random quips, notes, and odd bits of prose he showered on his loved ones, either slowly typed, or carefully written with perfect penmanship. We imagine he smiled as he penned a pun (or two, or three), with a nod towards Ogden Nash and other humorist poets, writing the personal bits to us, amused by his own playful thoughts, gleefully anticipating our reactions…

Poems by George Murray, Poet

All poems and other words of his, on this site, are COPYRIGHT George Murray 1928-2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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George Murray, Poet.